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Searching for a top-notch solar panel company to handle your project? Look no further than Palm Beach Solar. You'll want to work with our solar technicians because of our...

  • Experience. We have more than seven years of experience.
  • Team. We employ nine skilled technicians.
  • Knowledge. We can answer any questions you have about solar.
  • Prices. We charge no upfront fees for your rooftop solar panel installation.
  • Customer Service. We stand out because of our friendliness and professionalism.

You won't need to find another solar company once you work with our crew. Request a free estimate today.

"We Pride Ourselves On Saving Families Money While Going Green"

- Garrett Serwatka

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Hire our solar panel company in West Palm Beach, FL

Fluctuating indoor temperatures don't make your home very comfortable. You should be able to keep things cool in the summer without paying an arm and a leg on AC bills. Luckily, Palm Beach Solar, LLC has a solution.

Hire our technicians to install rooftop solar panels on your house in the West Palm Beach, FL area. Solar is a sustainable power source that can make your home more energy efficient as soon as the panels are active. You'll also appreciate that solar panels can lower your monthly bills. Call 786-570-7135 now to get a free estimate from our solar panel company.

$0 Upfront Costs

Our services begin with nothing out of pocket! You are able to pay for your solar monthly by using our simple solar financing program. With out simple solar financing program your payments will never change and you are able to transfer the payments to a new home buyer!

Government Incentives

Why install solar panels? Because you can have your own source of clean power! Our government is currently offering incentives for facilities that are trying to change to solar energy. Take advantage and Install now before these incentives vanish!

Increased Home Value

There are many reason to install solar panels but this may be the most important one! According to a recent study done by Berkley's lab's department of energy Homes that have made the addition of solar panels have their resale value increase by 3.7%.